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11 May 2005
Purification of SARS Hyperimmune Globulins
By Dr. Yi-Wu Xie for Dr. Bing Lou Wong
Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting 2005 - Crete, Greece

22 November 2003
Haemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers for Anaemia: an Overview
By Dr. Bing Lou Wong
Recent Advances in Transfusion Medicine 2003
Hong Kong Association of Blood Transfusion and Haematology
Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service

23 October 2003
Hyperimmune Globulin for SARS Outbreak
By Dr. MB Ali
The First China-International Public Health Exposition 2003
China Center for Disease Control and Prevention

21 August 2003
SARS Outbreak ?Economic Opportunities to the HK Pharmaceutical Industry
By Dr. Bing Lou Wong
The Rotary Club of Kingspark Hong Kong
SARS Antiserum (Horse)

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